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Hi! Thank you in advance for being here. That means you found my first post at least kind of interesting!

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My name is Mackenzie Tewksbury. I am a rising junior journalism major at east Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, but I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. In my spare time, you’ll most likely find me lounging on a turquoise towel at Ocean Club West or sipping a Pina Colada at Seaside Café.

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I first came to this island 5 years ago. My parents, however, have been coming to Provodenciales for probably 7 years. Yes…it took them 2 years to bring me with them. The nerve of them, right? But for some reason,they decided to take me, and before I knew it my 15 year old self was sitting in the Miami airport eating peanut butter M&M’s while awaiting my first flight to Provo.

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I took one look at the water and immediately my heart was captured. The sea already had my heart caught in it’s salty spell, and that dates back to the days I spent rocking back and forth on the bow of a boat named ‘Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes’. My dad, mom, older brother, and I would spend summers on the Chesapeake Bay on our Sea Ray, but lots of life changes were happening and we sold it after about 15 years. It was either the boat or a condo in Turks and Caicos…and I think we all know which one won!

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Since day one,  I’ve had salt in my veins. I’m not sure if I should credit my dad or mom for that, but Kenny Chesney once said:  “…somewhere in my family tree, there must have been someone who was a beach bum at heart.” And that’s for sure!

Fast-forward 19 years, and there’s more salt in my veins (and my hair) then ever before. The ocean is where I feel most at home; whether I’m out in the middle of it on a boat or sitting at the edge of it with a cold drink in my hand.

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It’s no secret that my family and this island are pretty much like peanut butter and jelly. We just go together. I try to imagine my life without the ocean and this island, and it feels empty. I also try to imagine my life without my family, and it feels even emptier. I can’t think of three people who mean more to me in this world than my dad, mom, and older brother. Without them, I’m not sure where I would be. Definitely not here.

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Aside from the ocean and my family, writing is my passion. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t see writing as a part of my future. In elementary school, I was set on becoming an author. I almost always had a pen and paper ready to start jotting down an idea. To this day, I still keep a pen and notepad in my purse.

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Writing makes me feel alive. It makes me truly connected to myself, and it allows me to be completely still with my thoughts and feelings. In a life constantly changing and moving, it is hard for me to find stillness and peace sometimes. When I sit down to write, it gives me a chance to find that peace.

Writing also lets me live in the moment. I’ll sit outside with a piece of paper and simply take note of the moment I’m living in, and how beautiful this life I have is. I can get so caught up in the mess of this world sometimes, and writing reminds me to take a breathe and watch the sunset fade to night just because I can.

June Sunset from Upper Deck 1

Although the dream has changed from an author to a journalist, writing still gives me the same thrill. My ultimate dream is to one day own a magazine. Here’s hoping…

me basia blog

Photography has also grown to be another passion in the last few years. As I said before, I always keep a pen and notepad in my purse. But, another thing you will most likely never see me without is my camera. If you see me and I don’t have my Nikon hanging from my neck, my iPhone is even more likely in my back pocket, always ready to snap some pictures. I’m constantly annoying my friends because their food/coffee is probably cold by the time I am done taking pictures. But, photography helps me see the beauty in everything and lets me get even closer to the things that make my heart race.

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I am so excited to be writing on this blog because, well, it combines all of my passions together into one; this Island, writing, and photography.

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My hope in this blog and in my life is to give and spread love all around, whether it is for this island or just in general. My friends label me as a “beach-y hippie”, and I can’t really disagree with them. I love to love, and I hope I can inspire the world to do the same.

heart in sand


Thank you again for reading Kenzie’s Corner! The fact that you’re here means the world to me. See you guys later!!!

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